Chickie Babe Eggs

I would love to share my happiness with you! Chickie babe eggs are now available for purchase, with even more availability coming this fall! Currently, I have brown and white eggs available on a weekly first come, first serve basis.

My chickie babes spend the majority of their time free-ranging and pecking through the grass and soil. Their diet is supplemented with natural chicken feed and calcium. I am delighted to raise cage-free, happy hens! They are currently enjoying the change of season as Spring brings about warm weather, fresh bugs, and a lot of rain to play in! 

Included in your dozen egg purchase is a handmade, personalized egg carton with a one-of-a-kind chickie babe stamp. Nobody will have an egg carton quite like yours!

Dozen Egg Prices

  • $5 per dozen eggs.
  • $7 per dozen eggs for delivery to local Jackson area customers only.  
  • We encourage you to re-use your chickie babe egg carton. Swap it out during your next egg purchase! We want you to recycle! (Cartons do not need to be reused if visibly soiled or torn).

We appreciate your support, and would love your feedback. Please use the Contact page to e-mail me with any questions you may have and to inquire about getting your chickie babe eggs! Thank you!