Let what you love be what you do. 


“Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

This cliche has been on my mind quite a bit lately. I decided to sit back and think about WHAT it is I LOVE to do, and how can I turn this into WHAT I do…

Squirt. Seriously, how cute is she?!

As many of you know, I am a nurse. I make a living out of caring for complete strangers and their families. I see people when they are vulnerable and often times feeling defeated. I have listened to people contemplate life, wonder what they could have done differently, who they could have spent more time with, and what they wish they could go back and change. I’ve rejoiced in good news, held hands in prayer, hugged-it-out, danced-it-out, and cried-it-out. Nursing has opened my eyes to the miracles and sometimes harsh realities of life. It is a profession I have come to love, and I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to continue my education within this profession and become a future Nurse Practitioner.

What else do I love?

Chickens. (Bet you saw that coming.)


I also love my dogs, I love my yard, I love my back deck, and I love our front porch. I love how the sun sets over our field, and when the sandhill cranes show up in the backyard every spring. I love the rumble of tractors driving up and down our road, and I even love the occasional scent of cow manure that lingers down from the Howe’s farm. I love just being HOME. I’m content here. I’m happy, and relaxed. It’s where I love to be.

Here’s my DREAM…

“Samantha Sherwood, homesteader.”

When you’re done laughing, hear me out. If you pictured me falling off the grid and regressing back to no electricity, pumping my own water from a well, and washing my clothes in the mill pond down the road, I’m going to need to you to relax a little. Homesteading can look quite differently to many people. To some it’s having a large farm with cows and baling hay…. Others may have a few plants on their back deck to can their own vegetables. To me, it’s all about learning to live more simply, to the best of my ability. Chickens have represented a small part of the self-sustainability I’m working towards. There are so many areas of life to be made more “simple,” and I think chickens were a darn good start.


I felt settled in to my chicken mom role this year and was ready to take on my next self-sustainability project. I planted my very first vegetable garden! Thanks largely in part to my fabulous parents, I learned how to man the Rota-Tiller, how to organize my vegetables based off of how they grow, and even planted them in fairly straight rows. Hubby scored me some horse manure to help fertilize the soil. I have to say, there’s nothing sexier than my hunky-hubby shoveling manure out of our 99′ Ford pick-up truck. (I digress…)

With any luck, one of my veggie plants will survive and I will get a cucumber or zucchini out of it! I may have been a tad over-zealous with how many I planted for a first-timer, but this will only increase my odds of getting a veggie or two!

This is what I love about the idea of homesteading. Taking on different tasks as you are comfortable. Learning new ways to increase your abilities to be self-sufficient. Celebrating your successes, and learning from your mistakes. This vegetable garden represents one step in the direction I hope to continue going. I may even learn how to can my own vegetables by the end of this summer! Check that box off my self-sustainability list! (That’s IF my garden turns out to be a success. My fingers and toes are crossed!)

Slowly but surely I will continue to learn the “old-fashioned” ways of living. There are no deadlines and I can take on new (exciting) challenges at my own pace. I like the progress I am making and I have to say I am learning a heck of a lot along the way. (Such as peppers don’t like to be buried deep in the soil, but tomatoes do. Thanks, Mom).

So there you have it. That is WHAT I love to do. I love to be home. I love the idea of self-sustainability. So I want to make this WHAT I do.

Perhaps you will be inspired to think about what it is YOU love to do. Small changes add up. Before you know it, your dream will have become your reality! My dream began with chickens.

Oh, and if you took time from your day to read my last blog, you’ll be happy to know my hostas are growing back!

Until next time, my dear chickie babe followers. Hope you have a relaxing weekend!


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