Project Coop Palace

As  many of you saw, we finally broke ground on the coop project! I’d like to say the whole thing started off without a hitch and it was a joyful afternoon full of marital bliss as we strengthened our bond through teamwork and communication… BUT, let’s be real here. “Projects” were not created for marital bonding. “Projects” intend to bring out those differences in personality that make each of you so very special. I’m not talking about the ones that make you two-peas-in-a-pod, a match-made-in-heaven, meant-to-be-together, blah, blah, blah. I’m almost positive most of you know exactly what I am talking about! (For the record, my hubby is the peanut butter to my jelly. I really like peanut butter).

BUT, if I’m being perfectly honest, Project Coop Palace started off a bit rough. Apparently I don’t pull old nails out fast enough, hubby can’t measure correctly before he cuts, and of course none of the walls in the old-as-dirt (but rather cute) barn are level. I whacked my shin so hard it made me cry, and hubby had to take apart the entire wall frame and redo it because of a 1/4 inch difference. I was beginning to think hubby was going to make me move out and live in the coop by the time it was all said and done.


Thankfully, we did not succumb to the evils of Project Coop Palace. We are still happily married and I admire hubby for his ability to build me things! Seriously, it amazes me. As he was laying out 2x4s, measuring his spacing and finally nailing things together, I watched  him begin to bring my coop dreams to life, for the second time. I kept thinking how lucky a girl I am to have married such a hardworking, get-your-hands-dirty type of man! I tried my hardest to watch what he was doing and understand the why’s and how’s. I even knew what a “header” was when he was building the doorway. (Surprised him by using the correct terminology). Hey, I know a thing or two.


We are brainstorming ideas for the roosts and hatch boxes and where a good place for a chandelier would be… Ok, we didn’t discuss the chandelier, but I’m rather confident I will have one in there before too long. There is also a pretty large “clean” area I intend to put a little creativity into and have fun with!

While we survived day 1 of Project Coop Palace, I let the older chicks spend the day in the fresh air and sunshine in the OG chickie babe run. They especially enjoyed the dirt and having the chance to dust-bathe. Dust baths are important for chickens as this is how they protect themselves from mites and lice! The girls were also practicing their foraging skills as they scratched and pecked through the dirt. Briggs and Boomer also enjoyed visiting with the girls and occasionally I had to remind them they weren’t chickens. Marty was never too far away from me as she is the little one in this group and she is not quite confident enough to stand her own ground against those bossy gals yet. That’s ok, momma will baby her…

You can see the red buds starting to pop out on Fiona’s comb, and the turquoise coming in on her beak. I’m beginning to believe Fiona may be a rooster! Squirt, the other fluffy white silkie, has some characteristics that have me leaning more towards her being a hen. Only time will tell, though! Silkies are near impossible to sex until they either lay an egg or crow!

I realize I haven’t introduced my newest tiny chickie babes very well and I will dedicate a blog to them for my next post. When they are this little, they need to stay warm and protected from mother nature, and this past week has been rather cold and rainy! I am looking forward to a sunny, warm day to let them roam around in the grass and begin to enjoy the world outside of their brooder. Thanks for following us, don’t forget to check out how you can get a dozen of your own chickie babe eggs! Please don’t hesitate to contact me!


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