Welcoming More Chickie Babes!

CHOCOLATE EGGS…. Reese’s peanut butter eggs are my absolute favorite. Anything chocolate (especially with peanut butter) and you’ve got my full attention. I’ve dreamt about loading up a cart full of 75% off Reese’s eggs after Easter, but somehow I have managed to resist.

Chocolate eggs took on a whole new meaning once I saw a photo of the darkest, most beautifully intriguing chicken egg. This egg was a deep, dark brown and had speckles on its shell. This truly was something that made me scrunch my nose, tilt my head sideways and say, “Huh…” Paired next to the gorgeous shades of blues and greens laid by Ameraucanas and Easter Eggers, my egg envy was sent into overdrive! I decided I needed some of these chickie babes for my own because… well, chocolate.


Black Copper Marans lay this chocolate egg. BCMs are a French heritage breed of chicken not commonly found in North America. These hens lay the DARKEST egg color of any poultry breed!


Along with my BCMs, I also added Olive Eggers to the chickie babe flock. Unlike chocolate, I absolutely despise olives. Quite honestly, I have attempted on multiple occasions to try and force myself to like olives… I have yet to be successful. Something about olives appeals to the vomit center of my brain and not my taste buds. They make me dry heave, which I find to be a bit dramatic. Anyways… I digress. Fortunately, I finally found a type of olive I actually like!

Olive Eggers are a chicken hatched from a dark brown egg layer (such as a BCM) and a blue egg layer (such as an Ameraucana) to create an olive green egg. I’m excited to see what shade of “olive” these girls will lay!


When I first brought forward the idea of selling chickie babe eggs, I had in mind creating cartons full of beautiful and unique egg colors you won’t find in your local grocery store. To me, raising chickens is a hobby just as much as it is an opportunity to provide for  community members, friends, and family. I am so excited with the positive feedback I have received and with that feedback, I decided it was only right to add MORE chickie babes to my already growing flock! This means more chickie babe eggs, more colors, and more opportunity to share my happiness with others!



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