Chickie Babes: Laid With Love

I am so excited to finally share this with you! I have had this dream as a chickie mom to spread some chickie babe love to the local area. Yes- I want to share my eggs with you! Although I genuinely adore my feathered friends for their eccentric personalities and their delicious butt fruit (there’s that word again), most of all I enjoy sharing their hard work with friends and family. I have a small circle of regular egg-consumers and with the additional members to the flock this spring I am hoping to add more consumers to my list. Would you be interested?


Personalized stamp: “chickie babes: laid with love”

This spring the focus is on the new chicks and expanding the chicken coop and run. I am fortunate to have a hubby that supports me in pursuing this hobby of mine! I sure as heck have no clue how to build anything, let alone a chicken palace- I mean, chicken coop. Fortunately we have an old barn we plan to convert into the chicken palace… COOP (there I go again). Hubby has sent me a photo of a chicken palace (let’s just roll with it) with a chandelier inside of it… Not that I would ever be one of THOSE types of chickie moms. Wait, I am EXACTLY that type of chickie mom! Give me all the glitz and glamour a chickie babe could ever dream of. After all, laying an egg every day deserves some type of appreciation!


Beautiful eggs from the OG’s

Circling back to my original intention of this blog post… Who would be interested in becoming a member of the chickie babe family? As I’m sure you know, egg supply will be limited and will be given on a first-come first-serve basis. I would love your feedback! I 100% believe in supporting your local chicken people in supplying delicious organic, cage-free eggs. I hope to share my happiness with you!

Message me or comment on this thread!


Homemade egg cartons and personalized chickie babe stamp


9 thoughts on “Chickie Babes: Laid With Love

  1. Hey Sam!! I would love to get eggs from you until my chicks start to lay!!! What will you be charging per dozen?? I look forward to meeting your chickie babes ☺


  2. Omg I love this Sam!! And the cartons are adorable. If you need help making cartons I would totally help I love crafts!! But sign me up to be a member!! 😊🙌🙌


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