Egg Envy

When you venture from the path of normalcy and join the delightfully unconventional chicken community, you most likely headed straight for a DSM-5 diagnosis of OCD. (The nurse in me comes out.) In layman’s terms, this is what we chickeners like to refer to as “egg envy.” Yes, egg envy- where you search for those special rare breed chickens that poop out shades of brown, green, blue, and what-have-you to put together the most visually aesthetic and irresistible combinations of colors. (Speaking of pooping out eggs- did you know that chickens poop and lay eggs out of the same hole? Mind blown, yet again.)

Ok, deferring from the “poop” connotation and back to the eggs and colors… (nurses can talk about poop ALL day) If you are at all curious like I was, egg color is determined by the hen’s genetics. Different pigments deposit in the eggshell as it makes its way through the oviduct, giving the shell its color. Hens are amazing female creatures (much like any female creature); they will produce an egg regardless of whether they have been fertilized or not. Hens have an inherent amount of ova that mature and release (ovulation) roughly every 26 hours, hence the fact you can have only hens and still get fresh eggs “on-the-reg.”

That was my very brief and simplistic chicken reproductive/anatomy lesson. I’m still learning quite a bit when it comes to my beloved chickie babes, but understanding their reproductive system is essential to having happy, healthy chickie babes. Back to the EGG ENVY— until I became a chickie mom, I assumed all chickens laid the same color egg each and every time… But that is far from the truth! Some days I get freckled eggs, some days I have beautiful reddish/brown colored eggs with a matte finish, some have a pink or purple hue to them, and there’s the occasional “egg acne” from my oyster-shell-loving individuals. Each day the OG chickie babe eggs are far from boring. One of my most favorite parts of being a chickie mom is seeing the delight on the chickie babe consumers’ faces as they open their egg carton to reveal charming color combinations, and unique textures and patterns. There are never two dozens that are alike… the possibilities are remarkable.



Nothing tastes as good as how colorful your eggs are! I especially enjoy nourishing my body with one of nature’s most colorfully coated, natural sources of high quality protein each morning. I’m looking forward to the colors my new chickie babes will lay later this year. It will be exciting to add a larger variety of colors to my egg selection and share with others! I hope you found the photos I included of my OG chickie babe eggs delightful! They never cease to fascinate me!


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