With Spring Comes New Chickie Babes

The “OG” chickie babe flock has absolutely thrived this past year. We survived our first winter together and it’s safe to say my girls HATE the snow (as do I). There were a few small frost bitten combs and lots of mumbling and grumbling, but we hunkered down and got through the worst of it together. Me being the anxious first-time chickie mom, I was worried I wasn’t doing enough to keep the girls warm and well insulated throughout the dead of winter. Turns out a well built coop, some fresh bedding, and enough food and water was all my girls needed!


Spring has finally arrived in Michigan and the awkward weather transition has us in t-shirts and sandals one day and scraping the snow off our cars the next. But with spring comes one thing that is always consistent and predictable: BABY CHICKS! Ahh… my heart begins to flutter thinking of those sweet little chirps. I’m actually smiling as I write this! I was not sure if I was going to add to the chickie babe flock this year. I believe I was trying to prove to myself I had a smidgeon of self-control and I was NOT in-fact the “crazy chicken lady” as my sister calls me.

IMG_4112   IMG_4108

One phone call from my dad saying TSC had silkies was enough to send me out of chicken-remission. Before I could gain control over my subconscious, I was walking out of TSC yet again holding a cardboard box with two of the tiniest, peeping puffs of white down feathers I had ever seen. These girls were much smaller than my chicks last year; they were just days old as opposed to a couple weeks. They felt so fragile as they both sat in the palm of my hand, barely occupying the entire space. That familiar smile crept across my face as my heart raced with excitement. Squirt and Fiona, my pasty-butt duo are growing like weeds! (If you must know, pasty-butt was revealed by my Google search of “baby chicks with hardened poop on their bottom…” Hey, no shame in my chickie mom game!)

After getting Squirt and Fiona settled into the brooder, hubby and I went to pick out a few more chickie babes. I dreamt of having fluffy silkies sitting on my lap (check) and beautiful shades of blue and green eggs in the hatch box each morning. My dreams seemed to be coming to fruition this year as I left the farm store with two ameraucanas! I also added a feather-footed brahma to my flock; who can resist a feather-footed chickie babe? I certainly could not.

I experienced my first chick death the day after I brought my girls home. One of my ameraucanas didn’t make it and I believe she was ill from the get-go. I was heartbroken and felt like I had failed this sweet innocent baby of mine. After crying it out (ugly crying to be exact), and going over every single thing I could have done wrong in that 24 hour period, I gathered myself and went with my parents to add not one, but two more ameraucanas to my flock. A couple weeks have passed now and they are blossoming into healthy chicks with their own unique personalities. This is the fun part of chicken-motherhood… watching your flock grow from the nourishment and love you provide them. The fresh eggs and ability to share my bounty with others is unbelievably fulfilling.

I hope you find yourself smiling as you peak at the photos of my chickie babes. They certainly are not camera shy. Next post I will share with you some of the beautiful egg variety the OG chickie babes have provided me this past year!


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