Happiness Comes With Feathers

Perhaps my subconscious knew well before I did I would find insurmountable happiness in being a chicken mom. I say this because dinosaurs have fascinated me since childhood, and would you believe it when I say chickens are a close descendent of T. Rex? I know… mind blown. So I am not at all surprised by how much happiness my little feather-covered chickasauruses bring me each and every day.

Welcome to my blog site- a place where I can share with you my joys as a chicken mom and all of the sassy chickie-personalities and beautiful eggs that come with it.

My flock began in April 2016 with a trip to “just go look” at the baby chicks at Tractor Supply. Nine chicks later (5 Isa Browns, 3 Leghorns, and 1 Barred Rock) I had officially entered the realm of mother-chickenhood. Holding a cardboard box full of fluffy little chickie babes, I walked out of TSC that day with a permanent smile-half scared to death and half ecstatic beyond words. I had no idea how much delight these tiny, loveable peepers would bring me from that day forward!

My husband-turned-carpenter had put the finishing touches on my coop shortly before our trip to “go look.” I spent the next few weekends painting my coop as my chickie babes flourished in their brooder (aka- large galvanized waterer). I watched with pure awe as my cute peepers turned into awkward teenagers and finally young adults, ready to take on the outside world and move into their big-girl coop.

I wasn’t quite sure when to expect my first egg. Nor did I anticipate how utterly fascinating and exciting it would be! One warm, sunny day in July I went to check on my girls and there were four perfectly oval eggs among the pine chips in the coop. I could hardly even believe it when I gathered them up, all varying shades of brown and smooth to the touch. All four eggs together hardly filled the size of my palm. Fairy eggs in hand, my fascination was sparked and my “inner-OCD” with colors and textures took off!


Ever since those first four fairy-eggs, I have never once gathered eggs from my chickie babes that weren’t unique and charming in their own way. I am constantly surprised by the shades of browns, the pure whites, the textures and imperfections I find to be so perfect. I only hope to love and nurture my girls as they love and nurture me. They have brought into my life so much happiness I didn’t even know I was missing. Thank you for visiting us. I hope you continue to follow the chickie babe journey as my next blog will introduce to you my six new chickie babes added to the flock this year!


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